Choose the Style of Your New Roof

Select a concealed or exposed fastener metal roof in Bozeman, MT

Ever since you decided you wanted a metal roof, you've started noticing roofs around town. You thought one looked like the type you wanted, but you don't quite know how to describe it.

Great Northern Metal Company LLC can help, because we probably provided the materials that the roof in question was built from. We have a variety of concealed and exposed fastener metal roof options for you to choose from in Bozeman, MT.

If you saw a concealed fastener metal roof, you probably noticed its smooth overall appearance. An exposed fastener metal roof, on the other hand, has visible fasteners (screws and washers) on the outside. Ask your trusted local roofer for samples of roofing types today.

A quality roof of any style

No matter which type of roof you choose, we have the materials for you. We'll supply exposed or concealed fastener metal roof materials from a leading manufacturer. You can choose from:

  • Sheffield Metals
  • Sheffield Metals COOLR
  • Epic Steel

To find out more about your options, call (406) 624-0435 today. Our sales team will be glad to share information about roofing types, styles and brands.